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Quick Weight Loss Exposed Diets for Teenage Girls

Diets for Teenage Girls

November 23rd, 2011, 10:11:53

If you’re looking for diets for teenage girls, please be careful. There are products being sold on the internet that can damage your health.

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Most of the supplements that you see are appetite suppressants. Many of them contain enough caffeine to make your heart race and your hands shake. The teenagers that I know get more caffeine than they need anyway. And, while caffeine may work for a little while, it will eventually decrease your energy levels and you’ll end up sleeping away the day.

Diets for teenage girls can be safe and effective. You can boost your metabolism and learn how and what to eat. But, don’t get turned off, I’m not saying that you need to count calories or starve yourself. Low calorie and fad diets don’t work. In fact, they make it harder for you to lose the extra pounds.

Any diet will work, temporarily. That’s how companies like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers stay in business. They have convinced the world that all you need to do is eat less and exercise more.

Actually, if you continue to eat less, you will not have the energy to exercise more. You will slow down your body’s ability to burn fat and then only by truly starving yourself can you continue to stay at your desired weight.

There are ways to “jump-start” your metabolism and trick it into burning all of the calories you eat, as well as your fat stores. It’s called the “shifting calories” theory.

You see, you body expects you to eat the same “types” of calories and meals that you have been eating for the last couple of days. In order to “shock” your system, you do just the opposite of what it expects.

This is an easy way to get weight loss for teens and anyone else. By shifting the types of calories that you eat from day to day, your body will start to burn your fat stores quickly and easily, without starving yourself or working out till you drop.

You know that there are lots of different diet plans. There are low carb diets, some so strict that you can’t even eat a large apple during the first couple of weeks. There are low-fat diets and if they worked, no one would be fat, because everyone is watching those “fat” calories.

There’s the Zone diet, which promotes the idea of combining specific foods at each meal, so that you maintain insulin levels and improve metabolism. I can tell you from personal experience that the Zone doesn’t work and many of the recommended food combinations are unappealing.

But, the shifting diet plan does work and provides diets for teenage girls and boys. It’s truly an “idiot-proof” diet. By constantly alternating your menu plans and the type of calories that you consume, you will see that needle on the scale continue to fall.

So, stop starving yourself and learn more about this plan for diets for teenage girls and get your parents involved. They could probably stand to drop a few pounds, too.